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SecurePack 4GV Packaging Q&A

ICC's SecurPack 4GV vermiculite free UN Packaging solution

Vermiculite-free/Dust-free Variation Packaging

A few months back, I wrote a blog about some of the benefits of variation packaging. I outlined all of the benefits variation packaging offers our customers who need to ship a variety of different dangerous goods. Through discussion with some of our customers, I realized that vermiculite isn’t always the best option in every circumstance. That is when I bring up ICC’s SecurePack line of variation packaging. Usually at that point there is silence on the other end of the line. I get a range of reactions from not knowing that they exist to misunderstanding their benefits. Below are a list of frequent questions and answers about SecurePack.

Q. When using SecurePack kits, is vermiculite required as an absorbent?

A. No. SecurePack is a dust-free alternative to standard 4GV packaging. Absorbent pouches are used instead of vermiculite. Once the bottle or article is placed inside of the absorbent pouch, it gets placed in a liner bag to prevent any leakage.

Q. What types of inner containers are allowed to be used with SecurePack?

A. SecurePack can be used with any type of bottle, whether it’s plastic, glass, or metal. Since SecurePack boxes are rated 4GV, they are also a great solution for shipping a variety of solid articles in packing groups I, II, and III.

Inner contsiners, bottles and cans, compatible with SecurePack 4GV

Q. On the website, it says that SecurePack boxes have a 1 liter Continue Reading…