IATA Posts Addendum I to 55th Edition

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In keeping with past practice, IATA has issued a late year 2013 (December 26) Addendum I to the 55th Edition of the DGR, in effect January 1, 2014.

Some significant changes in the DGR include:

  • Section conditional extension of shipping lithium batteries tested according to Rev. 3 of UN s.38.3
  • Section regarding passenger awareness is now mandatory (“must” replaces “should”)
  • SP A807 excludes hay, straw or (UN1327) from regulation if it’s dry & uncontaminated
  • PI-101, 562, 953, 965, and 968 have had revisions for content and editorial changes – e.g.

    (Note that the page reference in Addendum I regarding PI-953 should read “page 546…”!)

  • Section clarifies the use of ground/sea Limited Quantity marks in relation to the LQ requirements of IATA
  • Colour requirements are modified for 5.1 (removes “black-on-red” option) and 5.2 (permits black-on-red” option for upper flame portion) labels

In addition there are so some editorial changes (e.g. correcting the reference to Package Use Markings- found in various packaging instructions and sections & 2; options for locating “IB” on the Shipper’s Declaration – Section

There are also changes to State and Operator variations as reviewed below.

FedEx to extend edit checking software requirement:

One of the most significant changes for non-US shippers will be the elimination of FX-12 and the simultaneous extension of FX-18 to shipments originating anywhere. As of May 1, 2014 Continue Reading…

Addendum for IATA DGR 54th Edition

An addendum has been released for the 54th Edition IATA DGR. Effective January 1, 2013.

You can view the addendum by clicking here.

  • Revisions to Table 2.3.A;
  • Revisions to some of the EQ codes for substances that are forbidden on passenger aircraft;
  • Clarification on the requirements for SP A190;
  • Reinstatement of some text that was inadvertently omitted from;
  • Updates/additions to State and operator variations;
  • Updates to changes of the address details for some authorities in Appendix D.1.

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