There is an App for That

Every four years the transportation agencies in USA, Canada and Mexico jointly publish the North American Emergency Response Guidebook. There are more than one million shipments of Hazardous Materials across North America each day. While most arrive without incident at the destination, there are situations where emergency action/response is needed.

This past May more than 2 million free copies of the 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook were distributed to firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and law enforcement officers by PHMSA.

Now, there is an app for that!

App image icon from Google Play

The free app, which is geared for first responders—can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

Authors of this app, warn that this app is for reference and not to be used in an emergency response situation and the only way to stay up to date is to have your own ERG.

The 2012 North American ERG book in English, French or Spanish is available in two sizes: 4 x 6 and 5 x 7. If you do not already have your copy, buy one today.

Onsite Training Comes to Houston

ICC Compliance Center is proud to introduce onsite training in the Houston area. We currently provide various types of hazardous materials/dangerous goods training and certification to meet our customers’ requirements, including live-classroom, web-based or instructor-led webinars and onsite training.

We Bring the Classroom to You

Our regulatory specialists will come to a location of your choice, eliminating any travel expenses for your employees (ex. gas, airfare, hotel, rental car and dining).

Our experienced staff can develop and deliver many types of programs created especially for your company’s individual dangerous goods and hazardous materials requirements (products, modes of transport, shipping systems, etc.), together with practical suggestions for effective implementation.

Customized Onsite Training Gives You Control Over:

  • Course structure
  • Class location, size and audience
  • Class schedule – schedule the training around your company’s workload
  • Confidential information – With only your employees present, sensitive and proprietary issues can be addressed and used as examples during class
  • Course retention – Studies have proven workers are able to learn more when they study together. The effects of a shared training experience continue long after the seminar has ended

Meet ICC’s Trainer in Houston

David Lyle FordDavid Lyle Ford has recently joined our team as a Regulatory Specialist, and specializes in dangerous goods, i.e. CFR 49, TDG, IATA, and IMDG. David came to ICC from a global petrochemical manufacturer where he was responsible for all modes of transport including railroad, highway, sea and Continue Reading…

What do you do for a living?

I always cringe when someone asks me what I do for work. Not because I dislike my job (in fact, I’m one of the few people I know who truly enjoys their work) but because it’s so complicated to explain what I do! Sure, I could simply say I’m a Regulatory Specialist and let them stare at me blankly and try to figure out what that means, but they usually expect more of an explanation.

After going through the explanation for a new acquaintance yesterday, I got to thinking that many of our customers may not know exactly what ICC’s Regulatory Specialists do either. Some of my “regular” customers only deal with one aspect of my expertise, and are often surprised when they learn how many hats I really wear on a regular basis. After 8 years on the job, I have collected many responsibilities to keep me on my toes.

  1. Training – One of the main duties of the Regulatory Specialist (RS) at ICC is to deliver training classes to our customers. For me, this includes the US 49CFR Hazmat regulations, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and the IMDG Code. These classes can take place at our training centers, the customer’s facility, a hotel, or even via an online webinar. Not only do we conduct the training, but we also develop the presentations and quizzes that are Continue Reading…