“Fast Away the Old Year Passes…” – TDGR Moving into 2019

The Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) were uncharacteristically quiet in 2018. This represents the first year in a 5-year stretch where stakeholders didn’t see at least one amendment to the TDGR.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there was no activity within this very active government department. For example, in keeping with the move to adopting ambulatory references to cited standards, the responsibility for several standards (e.g., TP14850 small container performance packaging, and TP14877 rail containers) began their return to the Canadian General Standards Board. In addition, there were various consultations on topics such as ERAPs (TDGR Part 7), and discussion of training requirements (TDGR Part 6) – the latter in conjunction with establishing a CGSB committee.


Various research projects were explored in 2018 including collaboration on examining crude oil flammability, properties of produced water in oil and gas activities, as well as validation testing of a proposed SAE standard for lithium battery packaging. These activities a

An invitation was issued to stakeholders on a scheduled symposium to present/discuss other areas for research. The symposium is scheduled for February 28 – 29 in Ottawa (


Various topics referenced above and others undertaken in the 2016-2018 period were given status updates, including proposed Canada Gazette (CG) I (final consultation) or II (final amendment) at a late November GPAC (General Policy Advisory Council) session:

Training (Part 6):

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Proposed Amendment 9 (TDG)

Transport Canada has posted a consultation document on their website for Amendment 9. This proposed amendment will deal with:

  • Changes to 1.3.1: updating the standards for items 10, 12, 22 and 34.
    • Item 10 will now reference CGSB-43.126-2008
    • Item 12 will reference CGSB-43.147-2005 as amended in 2008
    • Items 22 and 34 reference the ICAO Technical Instruction and Supplement for the 2009-2010 Edition
  • Section 11.4: the definitions for ICAO Technical Instructions and the Supplement are updated
  • A new section 5.9: this deals with CGSB-43.147 where paragraph 4.11.3c does not apply. This paragraph deals with the registration of tank car test facilities.
  • Section 5.12(1): this is a housekeeping change—it skips section 18 of CGSB-43.150.
  • Section 5.12(2): again, this is a housekeeping change that pertains to steel or plastic drums needing to be reconditioned, remanufactured or repaired. These steps must be done at a Transport Canada registered facility.

If you have comments for Transport Canada on this amendment, please forward them to:

Linda Hume-Sastre
Director, Legislation and Regulations