Hot Air Balloons

On June 28, 2010, Transport Canada issued an Advisory Notice about hot air balloons. This notice addresses two (2) issues with the Regulations:

  1. an exemption
  2. cylinder compliance

1. Exemption: Section 1.27 Operation of a Means of Transport or a Means of Containment Exemption of the TDG Regulations does provide an exemption for propane cylinders. The catch is that the hot air balloon must be flight-ready and the cylinders are attached to the hot air balloon. Once the cylinders are removed from the hot air balloon for refill or the hot air balloon is not flight ready, such as when transporting the hot air balloon in a trailer, the exemption no longer applies.

2. Cylinder compliance: in TDG, Section 5.10 Means of Containment for Class 2, Gases requires the selection and use of cylinders in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard B340. In addition, the manufacture of the means of containment (cylinder) must be done in accordance with CSA B339.

CSA B340 Selection and Use of Cylinders, Spheres, Tubes, and Other Containers for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Class 2:  this standard covers the safety requirements for selecting and using cylinders for the transportation of dangerous goods in Class 2. It also covers the requirements for filling and handling of cylinders for Class 2 dangerous goods.

CSA B339 Cylinders, Spheres, and Tubes for the Transportation of Continue Reading…