Speed Limiters

So, some Ontario truckers are upset that the provincial government has imposed speed limiters for trucks, to be set at 105 kph.

One spokesman for truckers says that a trucker needs that extra speed for when the trailer starts to come around. Being maxed at 105 will not allow a trucker to apply the extra speed to straighten out the trailer. If your trailer is starting to pass you, doesn’t that tell you something? For instance, you are not driving to the conditions of the road.

Although many people might regard truck drivers as “professionals”, there are not many out there anymore. A good number of them drive the truck as if it is a sports car, no matter the weather.

In regards to the automobile drivers, maybe Commissioner Fantino should be putting more officers on the road enforcing the speed limit and the rules of the road.

On the other hand, maybe the Minister of Transportation should be having a look at the design of our highways and adjust the speed limits to the design. Moreover, make it tougher to get a license.