Significant Changes and Amendments to the 58th Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations

Download 2017 IATA 58th Edition Significant Changes

Some things are very predictable: Summer coming to an end, kiddos head back to school, and IATA publishes their list of Significant Changes and Amendments to their regulations.

This year marks the 58th edition of the Dangerous Goods Regulations. The 58th edition becomes effective January 1, 2017. It is published by IATA and distributed by many, including ICC Compliance Center.

Highlights of the changes and amendments include:

  • All amendments made by the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel and the IATA Dangerous Goods Board
  • Operator responsibilities have been completely revised
  • Training requirements have been updated to include a Review and Approval
  • There are a number of state and operator variations that have been added, deleted and amended
  • The List of Dangerous Goods has been amended
  • New and amended special provisions
  • New and amended packing instructions
  • New marking and labeling, including the new Lithium Battery label and Class 9 Lithium Battery label that become voluntary January 1, 2017 and mandatory January 1, 2019
  • Clarification for identification numbers on multiple overpacks
  • Notes have been added under 9.0 to reference Annex 19 – Safety Management Systems and the ICAO Safety Management Manual.
  • All Appendices have some form of change

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