Repacking Dangerous Goods
A Dead Bat: Repacking Biological Substances

Repacking Biological Substances UN3373

We Repack All Types of Dangerous Goods … Including Dead Bats!

I received a call from a local veterinarian who was looking to buy 2 labels, yes only 2 individual labels. We sell them in rolls of 500 so it is surprising when someone asks for 1 or 2 labels. She was advised by a carrier that all she needs is to put two “UN3373” labels and a label with the words “Biological Substance, Category B” on a package and send it out. The veterinarian called us to get two “UN3373” labels and a label with the words “Biological Substance, Category B” as told to her by the carrier. I advised her that she can simply write the words on the package as long as it’s legible and indelible but she said she was told it must be a label.

TDG Training to Ship a Dead Bat?

Of course this is when my brain starts thinking outside of the box (more than the conversation that is currently taking place). Then I asked if she was trained to ship dangerous goods and she said no. She was only doing what the carrier advised her to do. That’s when the regulatory specialist in me stepped up. I advised her she must have TDG training to be able to ship dangerous goods. I gave her a 5 minute crash course on what is TDG and informed her that what she was advised to do by the carrier is incorrect. She was shocked to hear training is required to ship a dead bat.

Practical Use of the 7 Steps to Compliance

But then, I thought back to Step 1 in “the 7 Steps to Compliance” (Identification) and asked if it’s even UN3373 because she didn’t know what UN3373 meant. As we got further into why the dead bat is being shipped it turned out it would be classified as UN3373. Of course that got her worried because she doesn’t know what to do. Told her I can help. I can re-package the dead bat on her behalf. She was so happy to hear about this service. I told her this is what we do and that we do it the best.

She came by to our office to drop off the dead bat which was wrapped in paper towels in a zip lock bag. I had told her to hide the bat so I don’t see it when she brought it in because I get the heebie jeebies when I see dead animals and blood; hence why I don’t work in the medical field. She left smiling knowing we can package the animal and send it out on the same day without her worrying about anything … besides the carrier shipping charge!

Should you have any questions regarding repacking or any other regulatory question, fill out our Regulatory Services form or contact us at 1.888.442.9628 (US) or 1.888.977.4834 (Canada).



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