Motorcycles – Yes, They are Dangerous Goods

If you are feeling “Born to Be Wild” – Steppenwolf and looking to race down life’s highway on two wheels this summer, but short on time, or looking for an even better adventure across the pond, fly your bike and meet it there.

Wait! You can’t just show up at the airport and check in your motorcycle. Did you know that a motorcycle is considered to be a dangerous good? Under the IATA regulations, a motorcycle is classified as UN 3166, Vehicle flammable liquid powdered, hazard class 9; and therefore needs a shipper’s declaration form.

What does this mean to the average motorcycle enthusiast? It means that you need to seek the advice of a dangerous goods consultant, who specializes and can assist in providing instruction on the preparation of the motorcycle, and provide the proper signed shipper’s declaration.

According to Air Canada, some of the requirements at time of tender include:

  • The fuel tank must be drained as far as practical; and fuel must NOT exceed ¼ of the tank capacity
  • All batteries must be installed and securely fastened in the battery holder of the vehicle and be protected in such a manner as to prevent damage and short circuits
  • Spare key, to be left in the ignition
  • Alarm (theft-protection devices, installed radio communications equipment or navigational systems must be disabled
    Air waybill number (booking number)
  • Saddle bags may be filled with equipment, parts, etc. An itemized list of the content of the saddle bags must be provided at time of tender.
  • Personal effects such as a clothing, toiletries and luggage cannot accompany the motorbike. (Dangerous goods such as lubricants, spray paints etc. must be left behind)

ICC Compliance Center offers declaration services across Canada, and can work with you to find a consultant in other countries as well. Contact us at least 2 weeks before you plan to start your adventure.

Have fun and contrary to the opening statement, no racing! Simply stay safe enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair!



3 thoughts on “Motorcycles – Yes, They are Dangerous Goods

  1. Thanks for mentioning that motorcycles are dangerous goods Karrie! I have been asking around and looking all over the internet, but so far everyone has been telling me they don’t really know much about the subject! I just recently bought a motorcycle while visiting my sister in Massachusetts and need a way to get it home. Besides driving and flying it over with me, do you know of any other options? Are there any companies that will transfer it themselves?

    1. We can help you with your motorcycle paperwork. Most airlines will ship them, they just need a declaration form. I have Air Canada’s information, because we do a lot of bikes in Canada, but I would imagine that most airlines would be similar.

      The cost for the declaration would be 125.00 plus taxes.

      Let me know if you have other questions or are interested in having this done.

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