IATA Posts Addendum I to 55th Edition

pdf Addendum I to the 55th Edition (PDF) download

In keeping with past practice, IATA has issued a late year 2013 (December 26) Addendum I to the 55th Edition of the DGR, in effect January 1, 2014.

Some significant changes in the DGR include:

  • Section conditional extension of shipping lithium batteries tested according to Rev. 3 of UN s.38.3
  • Section regarding passenger awareness is now mandatory (“must” replaces “should”)
  • SP A807 excludes hay, straw or (UN1327) from regulation if it’s dry & uncontaminated
  • PI-101, 562, 953, 965, and 968 have had revisions for content and editorial changes – e.g.

    (Note that the page reference in Addendum I regarding PI-953 should read “page 546…”!)

  • Section clarifies the use of ground/sea Limited Quantity marks in relation to the LQ requirements of IATA
  • Colour requirements are modified for 5.1 (removes “black-on-red” option) and 5.2 (permits black-on-red” option for upper flame portion) labels

In addition there are so some editorial changes (e.g. correcting the reference to Package Use Markings- found in various packaging instructions and sections & 2; options for locating “IB” on the Shipper’s Declaration – Section

There are also changes to State and Operator variations as reviewed below.

FedEx to extend edit checking software requirement:

One of the most significant changes for non-US shippers will be the elimination of FX-12 and the simultaneous extension of FX-18 to shipments originating anywhere. As of May 1, 2014 all DG/Hazmat shipments by FedEx Express will require a Shipper’s Declaration generated on FedEx-approved software.

Number FX-10 has been reactivated requiring a DOT special permit and US “hold for pick-up” conditions for non-Limited Quantity shipments of Class 4.3 domestic shipments.

In addition, FX-07 withdraws, effective April 1, the reference to the IB requirement for a Shipper’s Declaration as the only acceptable documentation, since this will then be a requirement (effective March 31) under the IATA DGR PI-965 &PI-968.

State variations add clarification:

USG-13 has been modified to include exemptions for various specified cartridges. Also the exemption for Class 6.1 has been restricted to exclude from exemption any 6.1 toxic with a subsidiary hazard other than Class 3. This affects the TABLE USG-13. A regarding “accessible”/”inaccessible” stowage. (note: the “Notes” section following the table is recommended by this author as a more readable summary of the information contained in USG-13 (d)).

USG-05 and USG-16 recognize the 49 CFR 173.166 exclusion of Class 9 airbag inflators, modules and seatbelt pretensioners from approval/EX number requirements.

Also Japan (JPG-11) has removed restrictions on storing Class 7 goods with Class 1S, 2, 3 and 8.

Contact information for authorities regarding infectious substances has been updated in AUG-03.

Other Operator Variations:

Two new carriers: Atlasjet, Turkey (KK), with 12 variations and Royal Brunei Airlines (BI) with 3 variations are new additions to section 2.8. Both include, among other variations, restrictions on lithium batteries (BI-03, KK-10 and KK-11) and radioactive material (BI-02 and KK-08). Both operators require 24-hour emergency contact numbers and Atlasjet mandates including msds with shipments.

Other operator variations adding or revising changes regarding lithium batteries include: EK-02, IB-01, LD-07, LD-08 andSQ-07.
These and other changes not detailed here (including Operator AF, BA, BI,CX, IB, JL, KK, OS, OU, VO and VT variations), are found in the Addendum I document available here:

pdf Addendum I to the 55th Edition (PDF) download



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