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Do You Know Who is Training You?


Many people these days are calling themselves regulatory specialists, dangerous goods experts, or health and safety experts. The dangerous goods/hazardous materials field is a detailed, comprehensive topic requiring hands-on experience and a strong technical understanding of topics directly related to the industries we serve.

Finding the right training company is critical to ensuring that the processes and procedures you need to continue operating remain uninterrupted. Here are some questions you should consider when looking for trainers with the ‘right stuff’:

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1) What are their qualifications?

  1. What education and knowledge do your instructors have?

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2) What experience do they have?

  1. How many Fortune 500 or multi-national companies have they helped train?
  2. How many satisfied customers have they trained over the years?
  3. What associations do they belong to?
  4. How do they find out about pending regulatory changes?

3) What other avenues do they offer?

  1. Can they provide the products and services that they are teaching you to use properly?

4) What is their approach to training?

  1. Are they offering the same course to everyone?
  2. Where can they train?
  3. Are they educated in training adults?
  4. Do they have an online option?

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5) Are they the only person that will be working with you?

  1. Are they a one-person business?
  2. Do they have a team of experts supporting them?
  3. Will you get help/support after the training?

6) Are they employed by the company as full time employee or only by contract?

  1. Is this a part time/contract role for the trainer?
  2. What sort of guarantee are they willing to provide?

7) Who besides you will benefit from their expertise?

  1. Is this a generic course?
  2. Can they tailor the course content to your specific needs?

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8) Do they sit on any professional associations or government working groups?

  1. Have they spoken as a subject matter expert at association events?
  2. What industry topics are they well-versed in?

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9) Can they provide testimonials by someone they have trained recently?

  1. How varied are the customers they train?
  2. What industries have they trained?

10) What makes there training unique and special?

Training needs vary from industry to industry and from company to company. What works for you may not work for someone else. But, these are some of the questions we find invaluable when deciding on a training company. As a matter of fact we have been asked a number of these questions by customers evaluating us as a trainer. Come find out about our regulatory specialists and trainers.

Go ahead and give us a call like many others before you or leave a comment below. We are always ready to help answer your questions.





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