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A few weeks back, Clifton Brown wrote a blog on how to ship damaged and defective batteries. Clifton mentions the importance of using the best quality packaging that will mitigate harmful consequences when shipping damaged/defective lithium batteries and help reduce the risk of transportation related hazardous or regulatory non-compliance incidents.

Perfect for Shipping Damaged and Defective Batteries

If you do have a defective or damaged lithium battery to ship, in addition to verifying the correct packaging regulations you should be asking yourself one question, would my packaging contain the heat, fire, and smoke if the battery does in fact explode? Unlike most other cushioning/absorbents on the market, CellBlockEX has the ability to suppress smoke, fire, and heat in the event of a fire starting within outer packaging. CellBlockEX actually displaces oxygen, absorbs energy and ultimately suffocates fire inside an outer packaging (see video below)

Why CellBlockEX?

Because Damaged and Defective batteries are usually more at risk of thermal runaway due to uncontrolled releases of the battery’s chemically stored energy, CellBlockEX is the is the perfect solution. As it stands now as Clifton mentioned, the 49 CFR §173.185 (f) limits the type of outer packaging that can be used when shipping damaged batteries excluding fiberboard packaging, that is of course unless you have a special permit, stay tuned.

In the meantime like the video above depicts, CellBlockEx would be the perfect inner cushioning if you are shipping damaged batteries inside of an open head drum, which is an acceptable outer package in both the U.S and Canada.


CellBlockEX is not just limited for use with defective/damaged batteries by any means. Feel free to use CellBlockEX when shipping a variety of potentially flammable substances to eliminate the chance of fire and smoke from seeping out of your outer packaging.

What is it?

Loose fill CellBlockEX

CellBlockEX is a loose fill granular spherical absorbent/cushioning material that is made from recycled glass. In addition to being an innovative cushioning and absorbent when shipping dangerous goods, it also acts as a fire extinguishing agent for class A, B, D, and K fires (See video Below). As you can see in the video, it not only puts out the fire, but it absorbs the heat, smoke, and gas without producing any harmful by-products.

Being that it is derived from recyclable glass formed into tiny granules, it is environmentally friendly and non-combustible.

Benefits of CellBlockEX

  • Green – 100% mineral-based, environmentally safe, reusable and harmless to health (does not contain Crystalline Silica).
  • Unaffected by heat, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Effectively binds liquids, gases and vapors
  • Insect, bacteria and mold resistant.
  • Low dust content and easily removable without the mess of water, halon, vermiculite, pumice or sand.
  • Meets the fundamental requirements as a fire protection filler and exceeds DOT requirements for lithium-ion battery transport.
  • Tested by the Material Testing institute (MPA) Dresden.
  • Forms an impervious cocoon around the fire load allowing it to surround and extinguish the fire and smoke.

If you have any questions regarding CellBlockEX, feel free to contact ICC Compliance Center or visit our website.

CellBlockEX is a safe, simple solution for fire prevention or containment


Non-combustible, mineral-based fire, smoke, and heat suppressant suitable for various fires including lithium battery fires.



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