Behind the wheel

Some observations from behind the wheel:

  • why do some carriers mount their rear placard holders as a square, instead of the square on point as required by the TDG regs?
  • why does Canada use the DANGER placard? Other than the US, no other country has it.
  • why is the limited quantity (LQ) mark changing? (see 16th Ed. UN model regs, figure 3.4.1) What was the matter with the UN number in a diamond? From an emergency responder viewpoint, the UN number in the diamond is the common sense way to do it.
  • why do transit buses drive to the end of a turn lane and force their way into traffic? Under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), the bus bay is where the bus stop is – not the end of the turn lane.
  • why do transit buses force their way into the adjacent lane? The HTA only requires drivers to yield to buses exiting a bus bay.
  • why do two (2) fully loaded trucks drive side by side up an incline?
  • why does the driver behind you get upset when you stop for the changing light? Remember—a yellow light does not mean race through the intersection to beat the red light. (see HTA section 144)
  • why do construction companies move their heavy equipment on public roads when not in compliance with the HTA for slow moving vehicles?
  • why are drivers still using their electronic devices while behind the wheel?
  • why don’t people use the parking spaces at a gas station? why do they have to park in front of the door blocking everyone else?
  • why is the price of gasoline cheaper in the Maritimes than in the Toronto area?

Why, why, why???



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