Maximising Your Car Vehicle Battery Life For Winter

Auxiliary Battery & CTEK charger

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With Christmas coming fast and millions of people all over the world concentrating their efforts on finding the best presents possible for their children and loved ones, it’s easy to overlook and fail to give enough attention to our vehicles. Don’t get me wrong, at a time like this nobody wants to spend any more time outside than they have to, but then again, that’s just another reason why ensuring the battery in your motor is being looked after properly. The cold weather can have some pretty drastic effects on this type of device, but there are a lot of things you can do to give it the best chance of surviving the winter.

So, I’ve spent a few hours reading through all the different techniques listed by some of the most reputable suppliers, and I now feel confident enough to give you some sound advice. Just remember, if your car really is on its last legs, making constant repairs could be financially unviable, and in most instances it would be cheaper to make arrangements with your local dealer for a replacement.

Charging The Battery

Most manufacturers advise that batteries should be charged around every six months, which means the start of December would be ideal. You’ll probably have to leave the charger plugged in overnight to ensure it receives enough juice, but I guarantee you’ll notice the Continue Reading…

Selecting the Right Winter Tires for Your Transport Truck

Winter Drive in Idaho


As we’re now firmly within the cold months, and Christmas is coming, those who own transport trucks will have to start thinking about making preparations for when the snow comes. Although we’ve got hundreds of almost priceless weather satellites surrounding the earth and whole teams of experts spending their entire working lives trying to predict any extremities before they reach us, the weather can be extremely unpredictable and dangers cannot always be avoided. Which is why it’s vitally important that you don’t wait until the last minute to get things sorted.

Unlike most road users who drive cars, transport trucks are much heavier and they can be a real hazard to both the driver and any other motorists, especially because it can take so long to stop when traveling at speed. This is why the tires you chose to fit the vehicle with must be suitable and must be able to cope with extra pressure on slippery surfaces. Finding the most effective product is easier than ever thanks to the internet, so with the right advice you should be sorted within a couple of days.

Understanding How Tires Work

Most of you probably know that a tyre is basically a flexible container that holds compressed air, right? Well, did you also realise that most modern editions have around 19 different components? They’re much more complex than we give them Continue Reading…